MyntFarm the GPU Crypto-Mining Computer Host

What is Crypto-Mining?

Crypto-Mining in its simplest terms is processing data, called “transactions” and having it written to a public distributed ledger for verifiability. This data is grouped up into “blocks” and added onto the end of the list of previously verified transactions or previous blocks. This is known as the “block chain” and can be used to walk back through all transactions to verify the integrity of all recorded transactions. Read More

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Offered Services

Managed Crypto-Mining

Our mining experts do all the heavy lifting; We assemble, house, maintain, and manage the mining rigs at our partnered tier 3 datacenter location, as well as monitoring them for downtime, changing mining software, switching targeted coins and managing wallets, and exchanging the mined coins as needed.
Choosing this option means that MyntFarm will cover the cost to replace broken/dead fans and repad the GPUs up to `1 time per year, and charged to the user after that. MyntFarm will also cover up to 24 hours of profits if the downtime is the result of anything happening in our facility or due to our configurations or time to repair/maintain machines.
A mining rig or a “MyntPlant” is constructed and tested, then installed in the datacenter and set to start mining. Profits from the plant are then divided and paid out to the leaf owner(s). We will establish which currency you would like to receive for payouts at account creation, and it can be changed later at your discretion.
We offer crypto payout options of all coins supported by Coinbase.
In the event that not enough revenue can be generated to exceed costs, MyntFarm will temporarily take control of the GPU(s) and continue mining, taking all revenue, until such time as it exceeds costs again, at which time control will be returned to the user.

MyntFarm offers different entry options.

MyntLeaf = 1 GPU (the base unit that does the mining)
– kHeavyHash1 ~400 MH/s2
MyntPlant = 6 Leaves or 6 GPUs aka a rig
– kHeavyHash ~2.40 GH/s
MyntPlot = 4 Plants or 24 GPUs aka a rack
– kHeavyHash ~9.60 GH/s
(Please contact us directly to enter above this level)
MyntField = 4 Plots or 96 GPUs
– kHeavyHash ~ 38.4 GH/s
MyntFarm = 2 Fields or 192 GPUs
– kHeavyHash ~76.80 GH/s


Housing Cost/day/GPU = ~$0.67 {Locked until 09/2023}
Pool fee3 = 0 – 1 %
MyntFarm’s management fee = 20% of mining profits4

Type in a MH/s into the calculator to see estimated earnings/revenue.
A MyntPlant mining KAS
KAS mining calculator

1. kHeavyhash is the hash function used for the Kaspa network.
2. MH/s MegaHashes Per Second. How many millions of a math problem can be done in a second.

3. Pool fees go to the pool operator not MyntFarm
4. Profits are defined as [Revenue – Pool Fee] – Housing Cost

Private Crypto-Mining / Colocation

MyntFarm also offers to give you control. By paying a flat rate to cover housing and electrical costs, you will get access to your mining rig via HiveOS. You will be able to control nearly all aspects of your rig yourself; use your own wallet, configure the pool, and even set your own overclocks. Some minor support can be provided for configuration and general support for any downtime or connection issues to the mining rig. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying to use HiveOS features if you choose to use them [we can assist in loading your farm balance].

GPUHousing Cost/day
RTX 3060$0.67/day
RTX 3060Ti$0.91/day
RTX 3070$0.86/day
RTX 3070Ti$1.20/day
RTX 3080$1.20/day
RTX 3080Ti$1.68/day
RTX 3090$1.58/day
RTX 3090Ti$1.73/day
more coming soon…Cost locked until 09/2023
Private Mining / Colocati0n Notes
  • Important: You will need to have at least 6 MyntLeafs or 1 MyntPlant or equivalent to engage in private mining
  • You can choose to buy MyntLeafs which are RTX 3060s or you can Contact us
  • We can arrange to install any 3000+ series cards
  • We are ready for RTX 4000 series devices as well all machines support PCIe 4.0
  • We can also work with your own cards not bought through MyntFarm.
  • Currently only RTX 3000/4000 or equivalent Cards will be supported

Why MyntFarm?

We have years of experience building and running mining rigs. We have aligned ourselves and partnered with tier 3 datacenter location, which has back up power generators and blended internet line to allow for maximum up-time, alongside a 24/7 monitored temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Analytics are kept internal and are not and never intended to be shared with any 3rd parties.

Please see the following link to our Data Subject Access Request Form for CCPA and GDPR compliance.
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