New Orders

Once MyntFarm receives a new order we source the GPU(s) from a variety of sources. Normal turn around is 48 hours for most orders. Alternatively, a time line will be provided by our staff if we foresee any delays that will put it outside of this timeframe. (This can be expected for orders bigger than a MyntPlant.)
The GPU(s) are installed into MyntFarm’s custom built mining rigs and tested and overclocked.

Miner online

Once testing is finished the GPU is brought online and connected to the mining pool.
Currently MyntFarm is using HiveOn Pool that has 0% pool fees and covers the payout transaction cost.
Each Farmer’s GPUs are monitored and their contributions are tallied. Once MyntFarm has mined 10 RVN (current pool minimum payout) HiveOn sends the RVN to MyntFarm. The received RVN is then distributed to the Farmers based on their contributions and subtracting their fees.

Crypto Payouts

Once the fees have been subtracted the Farmer payout is then either sent directly to your wallet address (no gas/transaction fees) in your selected currency1, or we can send it to any valid wallet address for your chosen payout currency1, gas/transactions fees will be deducted from the payout. Please be aware if you give us an invalid address and your payment is sent to it there is nothing we can do to reverse or reimburse you for this mistake.

Downtime and maintence

Downtime due to technical errors or updates will be reimbursed/covered by MyntFarm for up to the first 24 hours. This means we will take your average hashrate from the previous day and extend it it for our payout calculation so you will not see any losses. If after 24 hours the problem can not be resolved the Farmer(s) will not be charged any fees for continued down time and may be given credits against future fees to help recoup costs. Regular monthly checks ups and dustings, generally only take 20 mins per machine, will be reimbursed/covered and treated as downtime. If physical repair is found to be needed (IE Fan replacement) MyntFarm will order the needed parts and not charge daily fees during this downtime. MyntFarm tries its best to get parts ASAP but delivery delays and other carrier or vendor availability make it difficult to guarantee times on these type of repairs.

  1. Exchanged via Coinbase at best available rate at time of transaction