MyntFarm offers Crypto-Mining Computer Hosting

What is Mining?

Mining in its simplest terms is processing data known as transactions and having it written to a public ledger for verifiability. This data is grouped up into “blocks” and added onto the end of the list of previously verified transactions or previous blocks. This is known as the “block chain” and can be used to walk back through all transactions to verify the integrity of all recorded transactions. Read More

Why MyntFarm?

MyntFarm allows anyone to buy into this mining process via shares called “Mynt Leaves” or a “MyntLeaf”.
Our mining experts do all the heavy lifting; We assemble, house, maintain, and manage all of our mining rigs at our partnered tier 3 datacenter location.
Our strategy is to target the highest profit coin and then offer crypto payout options of all coins supported by Coinbase.
A mining rig or a “MyntPlant” is constructed and tested, then installed in the datacenter and set to start mining. Profits from the plant are then divided and paid out to the leaf owner(s). We will establish which currency you would like to receive for payouts at account creation, and it can be changed later at your discretion.

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An example of a coin we can mine is Ravencoin (RVN); please see the calculator below to get an idea of what kind of daily revenue can be generated.

MyntFarm offers different entry options.

MyntLeaf = 1 GPU (the base unit that does the mining)
– KawPow1 ~22 MH/s2
MyntPlant = 6 Leaves or 6 GPUs aka a rig
– KawPow ~132 MH/s
MyntPlot = 4 Plants or 24 GPUs aka a rack
– KawPow ~528 MH/s
(Please contact us directly to enter above this level)
MyntField = 4 Plots or 96 GPUs
– KawPow ~2,112 MH/s
MyntFarm = 2 Fields or 192 GPUs
– KawPow ~4,224 MH/s

Type in a MH/s into the calculator to see estimated earnings/revenue.
A MyntPlant mining ETH
Hiveon mining calculator
Bitcoin Whale!

Fees and Costs Explained

Housing Cost/day/GPU = ~$1.05 {Updated 09/2021 Locked until 09/2022}
Pool4 fee = 0% [Updated 09/2021]
MyntFarm’s management fee = 20% of mining profits5

1. KawPow is the hash function used for the Ravencoin network.
2. MH/s MegaHashes Per Second. How many millions of a math problem can be done in a second.
3. Current target pool is HiveOn their current pool fee for RVN is 0% but this may change in the future.
4. Profits are defined as [Revenue – Pool Fee] – Housing Cost

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